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Workshop on "Chinese Ways of Innovation" An initiative on understanding the Chinese Ways of Innovation William Lazonick wins the 2010 Schumpeter Prize   |  
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ChinaAnalysis.Com is a global platform for knowledge-sharing in China-related analysis. To facilitate informed, open-minded, and profound discussion on a range of highly important issues related to China’s economy and society, we have specially selected and invited a list of China experts to host their blogs here.

If you are an expert on a certain topic about China, and are interested in becoming the owner of one of our blogs, please email: chinaexpert@chinaanalysis.com

China Experts - Economic Development and Innovation

Ilan Alon Chaired Professor, Director of The Chinese Center, Rollins College
Baisheng An Deputy Director, Division of Technical Regulations, Ministry of Commerce, PRC
Dieter Ernst Senior Fellow, East-West Center, Hawaii
Kaidong Feng Doctoral candidate, Sussex University, UK
William Lazonick Director, Center for Industrial Competitiveness,UMass Lowell
Yifei Sun Associate Professor, California State University
Malcolm Warner Senior Research Fellow in Management Studies, Emeritus Professor, Wolfson College
Peter Williamson Professor, University of Cambridge
Yu Zhou
Professor of Geography, Vassar College


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