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Workshop on "Chinese Ways of Innovation"   |  
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Industrial innovation – the generation of higher quality products at lower unit costs – is the foundation of economic development.  As China assumes its position as a major industrial power, innovation will enable the Chinese economy to increase the standards of living of the Chinese people while remaining competitive globally. Through its ChinaInnovates initiative, ChinaAnalysis.com brings together experts in the field of innovation and development to provide in-depth, accurate, and up-to-date analyses of where, how, and with what impact industrial innovation is taking place in China.   


  • identifies the companies and industries that are the leading and emerging innovators in China ;
  • analyzes the business models and the business-government relationships that enable innovation in China ;
  • considers the ways in which innovation can contribute to equitable and stable economic growth in China

ChinaInnovates carries out its original research with a conceptual framework that integrates a theory of innovative enterprise with a theory of the developmental state. With access to extensive, and expanding, networks of experts in academia, industry, and government and an analytical approach that can comprehend the processes of innovation and development as they unfold,  ChinaInnovates seeks to provide information and insights that can keep pace with China’s rapid economic growth.

Ilan Alon Chaired Professor, Director of The Chinese Center, Rollins College
Baisheng An Deputy Director, Division of Technical Regulations, Ministry of Commerce, PRC
Dieter Ernst Senior Fellow, East-West Center, Hawaii
Kaidong Feng Doctoral candidate, Sussex University, UK
William Lazonick Director, Center for Industrial Competitiveness,UMass Lowell
Yifei Sun Associate Professor, California State University
Malcolm Warner Senior Research Fellow in Management Studies, Emeritus Professor, Wolfson College
Peter Williamson Professor, University of Cambridge
Yu Zhou
Professor of Geography, Vassar College


1. The ChinaInnovates Initiative (CII) - An invitation to participate in a collaborative online project to document and analyze indigenous innovation in China. The purpose of the ChinaInnovates Initiative is to bring together online communities of experts from business, government, and academia who can explain the developmental dynamics of specific industrial activities, driven by indigenous innovation, and provide up-to-date information on the technological, market, and competitive conditions that characterize these activities. Initially, the Initiative will cover aviation, auto components, electric cars, high-speed trains, cloud computing, semiconductors, and communication technology. Over time, the Initiative will extend its coverage to a range of other industrial activities. This Initiative is led by William Lazonick, Co-founder and president of ChinaAnalysis.com and winner of the 2010 Schumpeter Prize.

2. Led by Yifei Sun an international team of experts on innovation, including William Lazonick and Yu Zhou, is taking an initiative on understanding the Chinese Ways of Innovation. A whitepaper has been proposed to National Science Foundation, highlighting the opportunities provided by studying innovation in China in understanding the innovation process and the changing global order.

The proposed research will investigate the organization and interaction of China’s enterprises, science & technology communities and the Chinese state in the making of the Chinese system of innovation. The innovative environment in China, deeply influenced by the globalization process, will also be carefully analyzed.

Special Issue on China’s New Innovation-Oriented Strategy
Indigenous Innovation and Economic Development: Lessons from China’s Leap into the Information Age


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