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Workshop on "Chinese Ways of Innovation" An initiative on understanding the Chinese Ways of Innovation William Lazonick wins the 2010 Schumpeter Prize   |  
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Workshop on “Chinese Ways of Innovation”

Oct. 6-7, 2011


Marriott, Warner Center

21850 Oxnard Street

Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Tel: (818)-887-4800



                        ·        Arrival: Oct. 5, Wednesday, 2011

                        ·        Meeting: Oct. 6-7, 2011

                        ·        Departure: Oct. 8, Saturday, 2011



                        ·        Yifei Sun (Professor of geography, California State University , Northridge)

                        ·        Peilei Fan (Assistant Professor of Urban Planning, Michigan State University)

                        ·        Denis Fred Simon (Professor of International Studies, University of Oregon)

                        ·        Yanbo Jin (Associate Professor of Finance, California State University , Northridge)

                        ·        Yu Zhou (Professor of Geography, Vassar College , New York)

                        ·        William Lazonick (Professor of Economics, University of Massachusetts)

                        ·        Debin Du (Professor of Geography, East China Normal University)



                       ·        U.S. National Science Foundation

                       ·        U.S. California State University Northridge

                       ·        U.S. Michigan State University

                       ·        U.S. Vassar College

                       ·        U.S. East China Normal University


What we will do?

                       ·        Make local arrangements for the workshop

                       ·        Cover the costs for your local accommodation (3-nights) as well as your airfare (economic class)

                       ·        Plan to publish an edited book/journal special issue on Chinese Ways of Innovation


What you need to do?

In this workshop, all of the participants are established scholars on China and high-tech industries. We expect you contributing to the general discussion in three ways.

First, we expect that you will contribute a research paper on innovation in mainland China . This workshop will focus on “ Chinese Ways of Innovation.” Many of you participated in our discussion of the NSF White paper in fall, 2010, and we will use that document as the guideline for organizing the conference. I am attaching the document for your reference. We hope you can use the whitepaper as the reference and write a piece on one of the themes.

We plan to publish an edited volume/a special issue with a journal after the meeting. We invite every participant to consider joining this publication project and hope you are interested in contributing to this project.  But we also understand that you may have other plan for your current manuscript. If you are interested, we may invite you to prepare a related paper on this topic.

Second, we expect you to complete 2 page essay on your reflection of the Chinese Ways of Innovation based on your research, which will be published as a blog entry to ChinaAnalysis.Com - Providing Strategic Insights on Innovation in China. The site is founded and hosted by William Lazonick at University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Third, we expect active discussion in our debates in the workshop.


What is next?

                       ·        Re-confirm your participation in the workshop by May 22, 2011

                       ·        Submit the title and abstract of your paper to me at yifei.sun@csun.edu by May 29, 2011

                       ·        Prepare your paper and 2 page reflection on the Chinese Ways of Innovation by Sep. 15, 2011


More information on the workshop will follow once we hear from you on your confirmation and having your abstract.

Thank you again for your attention and cooperation on this matter.



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