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Workshop on "Chinese Ways of Innovation" An initiative on understanding the Chinese Ways of Innovation William Lazonick wins the 2010 Schumpeter Prize   |  
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ChinaAnalysis.com is developed by a group of Phd students, business analysts, and software engineers on a voluntary and part-time basis. We all have experienced the same challenges in gathering and analyzing information about China, and we come together because we believe knowledge sharing can bring everybody benefits. As a young and vibrant company, we are determined to become the world's leading independent source of China-related information and data, and we are actively seeking all types of partnership that will help us achieve this goal.

Why should you partner with ChinaAnalysis.com?

ChinaAnalysis.com has a simple but clear vision: everyone looks to us for data about China. This vision is supported by our unique data gathering solution - the integration of artificial intelligence, subject matter experts, and collective power of peer community to cross check multiple sources of information about China. We believe that this is not only the best way, but also the only way, that anyone can gather complete, reliable, and timely information related to China. At the center of this integrated solution, and with a multi-lingual and cross-cultural team across the world, we are very confident to provide the best quality of data to support your China analysis.

Who should become a partner?

There are numerous organizations, analysts, scholars, journalists and other China experts who specialize in different areas of China analysis. If you are one of them, we strongly encourage you to partner with us, as our mission is to assist you to perform your work more effectively and efficiently, and to leverage knowledge sharing across this loosely connected community.

We are keen to partner with anyone who are interested in a mutually beneficial relationship. These could include:

• Consulting companies
• Foreign companies operating in China
• Government agencies
• Independent and institutional analysts
• Mass media
• Non-profit organizations
• Venture capitals

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