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2 User reviews have been found for China's Eleventh Five-Year Plan:

summary of the plan, submitted by Bill at 2009-07-14 20:43:29 Rating:
Review: I just read a summary of the plan: 1) 7.5 percent of average annual GDP growth 2) 5% of annual growth rate of per capita disposable income for urban residents 3) 45 million new jobs in urban areas 4) 20 percent less of energy consumption It is also interesting that the plan outlines a five-year plan for space exploration, giving priority to manned spaceflight, lunar exploration, a new launch vehicle and high-resolution Earth observation.

A must read document for anyone who is studying China, submitted by Hong Wang at 2009-07-14 20:42:37 Rating:
Review: If you're doing some research on China but you are not Chinese, you are very likely to underestimate the importance of this plan. The Five-Year plans of China have huge impacts on every aspect of China. I would say it is this plan that differentiates China from other countries. This is a must read document regardless of your research topic.


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