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5 User reviews have been found for National Bureau of Statistics of China:

More alternative, submitted by Nan at 2009-07-14 20:43:06 Rating:
Review: China Statistics 2005 gives you a clear idea about what you can find from the China's official statistics.

Always look at the data with suspicion!!, submitted by Mark at 2009-07-14 20:42:44 Rating:
Review: The credibility of the Chinese official census data is always questionable. Even the Bureau itself has admitted this multiple times in public. For example, there were persistent discrepancies between provincial statistics and those at the national level because some regions intentionally make false reports.

Sketchy data at best, submitted by Cindy at 2009-07-14 20:41:36 Rating:
Review: Having worked in China, I would say that the data from the National Bureau of Statistics is sketchy at best. The inaccuracy of Chinese economic statistics is due in part to competing and often contradictory incentives/requirements placed on the government officials responsible for gathering and creating the data.

A better alternative, submitted by David at 2009-07-14 20:41:29 Rating:
Review: If you are looking for China's official statistical data, I would strongly recommend another site, which provides similar data but is much more user friendly. http://www.china.org.cn/e-company/index.htm

Applause for its completeness, submitted by Mike at 2009-07-14 20:36:56 Rating:
Review: This is arguably the most complete site for Chinese data, and if you can't find data else where, you may have some luck here. Sometimes you need to search across many different links to find what you are looking for, and many times you can't find anything as neat as the US census, but it may still be the best data source you can find and trust.


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