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3 User reviews have been found for The World Bank - China Data and Statistics:

Most Visited Data and Statistics, submitted by M.B. from UK at 2009-07-14 20:44:11 Rating:
Review: World Bank Data provides a large quantity of statistical data on many aspects on China. Data are searchable by topics and countries, provided in electronic and image format. Important data include: development and financial indicators, technology diffusion, key statistics, and forecasting. Most data are collected annually, but some are available on a quarterly or monthly basis. Most information is free for access. For new users, the site index, site map, search box, and the help page are particularly useful.

make good use of its search function, submitted by Lu at 2009-07-14 20:43:57 Rating:
Review: At first I did not pay much attention to this site, but now I love it!! You can find numerous great reports and analysis by using its search function, such as "technology policy" and "intellectual property". This is a site you must NOT miss in China studies.

A trustful data source, submitted by Qing at 2009-07-14 20:41:49 Rating:
Review: The world bank provides the most widely-used, official-source development data. I feel more comfortable to use the World Bank Data than the Chinese statistics data. Unfortunately, it does not have all data I need.


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