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FENG, Kaidong
PhD Candidate, SPRU, University of Sussex, UK

Email: k.feng@sussex.ac.uk;
fengkaidong@gmail.com (permanent)


Bachelor: Mechanical Engnineering, Tsinghua Univ.
Master: Managment Science & Engineering, Tsinghua Univ.

Adjunct Research Fellow, China Institute for Science and Technology Policy, Tsinghua University, Since 2008
Research Assistant, Leo Koguan Institute for Business and Government, School of Government, Peking University, 2003-2004

Technological Learning and Catching-up under developing circumstances;
Evolution of Innovation Systems (national, sectoral and regional);
Innovation Strategy and Industrial Analysis;
Business History of China (1949- ).

Recent fields of empirical studies:
Chinese automobile industry and telecom-equipment industry (these two for my doctoral thesis, finishing)
Chinese power-equipment, construction machinery industry;
Chinese cashmere manufacturing cluster

Recent Publication:

- With Q. Shen, 2010. From Production Capacity to Technological Capability: institutional influences on technological learning. International Journal of Technology Management. (accepted, incoming)


- With F. Lu, 2005. The Strategy to Develop the Indigenous Automobile Sector, Peking University Press, 2005 (Chinese)

- With L. Xue and Q. Shen, 2002. Social Capital and the Evolution of Industrial Cluster, in ‘Social Capital and Management’, Y. Guo, and J. Luo (edt), East China University of Science and Technology Press, 2007.

-With T. Yin and Y. Wang, 2007. Innovation Strategy and Technological Learning Pattern: the Case of Chery Automobile, China Soft Science, Mar 2007.

- With Y. Mei, 2005. The Phenomenon of Car Making by Geely--An Investigation Report on the Independent Innovation of Geely Group Co., Ltd, China Soft Science, Nov 2005.

- With F. Lu, 2004. Indigenous Product Development and Learn from Foreign Technology -- Lessons from the Historical Experiences of Japan's and South Korea's Automobile Industries, China Soft Science, Apr 2004.

- With Q. Shen, 2002, Organizational Capability, Institutional Environment and the Selection of Knowledge Integration Model -- A Case Study on Technology Integration in the Chinese Automation of Electric System Industry, China Soft Science, Dec 2002.

Conference: ‘Innovation and Competition in the Global Communications Technology Industry’, INSEAD, France, Aug 2007
- Paper: With M. Zhang, 2007. Governance and Technological learning under Transition Economy: The case of Chinese telecom-equipment sector

Project: ‘Towards Knowledge-based Societies – ICT for Growth and Cohesion in a Global Knowledge-based Economy: Lessons from East Asian Growth Areas’, ESTO (The European Science and Technology Observatory), Dec 2005- Mar2007.
- Report A: With S. Gao and M. Zhang, 2006, ICT and Growth: The Case of China
- Report B: With S. Gao and M. Zhang, 2006, ICT at Regional Level of China

Project: ‘Research Investment Policy Watch: Monitoring National Policy Developments Related to the Barcelona Targets’, ESTO, Apr-Jul, 2005.
- Report: 2005, Overview of International Research Investment Policy: The Case of China

Project: ‘Series Researches on Key Issues of S&T Development’, MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology of China), 2006.
- Report: With F. Lu and W. Cao, Jan 2006. Two paths of technological change: the case of Wuxi Fuel Injection Engineering Research Institute. (Chinese)

Project: ’Series Researches on Key Issues of S&T Development’, MOST, 2005.
- Report: With Y. Mei, Oct 2005. The Phenomena of Car Making by Geely (Chinese)

Project: ‘Series Researches on Key Issues of S&T Development’, MOST, 2005.
- Report: With F. Lu and W. Cao, Aug 2005. For New Technical Application Opportunities – the Report on China’s Self-Dependent Standards of Telecommunications (Chinese)

Project: ’Series Researches on Key Issues of S&T Development’, MOST, Feb 2004.
- Report: With F. Lu, 2004. The Strategy to Develop the Indigenous Automobile Sector (Chinese)

Doctoral candidate, Sussex University, UK


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