My recent China-related publication

I. Book
* Book “The inside story of China’s high-tech industry: making Silicon Valley in Beijing“. 2008. Lanham, MA: Rowman and Littlefield Publisher. ISBN-13 978-0-7425-5579-2 (cloth), ISBM 13: 978-0-7425-5580-8 (paper).

II. Selected Referee journals (you can download some of the publication)
* Zhou, Yu, and Jinnyuh Hsu, “Divergent engagements: Comparing the roles and strategies of Taiwan and mainland Chinese returnee entrepreneurs in the IT industry.” In press Global network.

* Yu Zhou; Yifei Sun; Y. H. Dennis Wei; George C. S. Lin, 2010. De-centering 'spatial fix'--patterns of territorialization and regional technological dynamism of ICT hubs in China, Journal of Economic Geography 2010; doi: 10.1093/jeg/lbp065

* Zhou, Yu, “Synchronizing export orientation with import substitution: creating competitive indigenous high-tech Companies in China,” World Development.  Vol. 36, No. 11, Nov. 2008, 2353-2370.

* Zhou, Yu , Dec. 2007 China’s High Tech Industry and the World Economy: Zhongguancun Park, Japan Focus, a leading electronic journal of Japan and Asian Studies. http://www.japanfocus.org/products/details/2661.

* Zhou, Yu and Yifei Sun, 2006: Introduction: Mediating state and market in China's competitive high technology industry , Special issue of China review. Vol. 6(1): 1-8.

* Zhou, Yu 2006, State and Commercial Enterprises in China’s Technical Standard Strategies, special issue of China review, Vol. 6(1): 37-66. Zhou, Yu 2005. The making of an innovative region from a centrally planned economy: Institutional evolution in Zhongguancun Science Park in Beijing, Environmental and Planning A 37: 1113-1134.

* Zhou, Yu and Xin Tong, 2003, Interaction Between Multinational Corporations and Domestic Firms in a High-Tech Service Cluster in Beijing, Economic Geography 79(2): 129-152.

* Li,Wei Gary Dymski, Yu Zhou, Carolyn Aladaba and Maria Chee, 2002 Chinese American Banking and Community in Los Angeles County: The Financial Sector and Chinatown/Ethnoburb Development, Annals of American Geographers 92(4): 777-796

* Li,Wei Yu Zhou, Gary Dymski, and Maria Chee, 2001. Banking on Social Capital in the Era of Globalization: Chinese Ethnobanks in Los Angeles, Environment and Planning A Vol. 33: 1923-1948. 5

* Zhou, Yu and Yen-Fen Tseng, 2001, Regrounding the “Ungrounded Empires ”- Localization as the geographical catalyst for transnationalism. Global Network 1(2):131-154.

* Zhou, Yu 2000. The fall of “the other half of the sky?” -contemporary experiences of Mainland Chinese immigrant women in New York City. Women's Studies International Forum 23(4): 445-459.

III. Selected Book chapters
* Zhou, Yu, “The migration of Chinese professionals: and the development of the Chinese ICT industry.” 2010. Diasporas in the New Media Age: Identity, Politics and Community., edited by Andoni Alonso and Pedro J. Oiarzabal, University of Nevada Press. ISBN: 0874178150

* Zhou Y. (2009). High-Tech Industry. In Kitchin R, Thrift N (eds) International Encyclopedia of Human Geography, Volume 1, pp. 122-127.Oxford: Elsevier Gary Dymski, Maria W.L. Chee, Hyeon-HyoAhn, Carolyn Aldana, and Yu Zhou, 2006. Chapter 8 in Landscapes of the Ethnic Economy edited by David H. Kaplan and Wei Li to be published by Roman & Littlefield publishers Inc.

* Zhou, Yu 2004, Chinese immigrants in the global economy. Chapter 3 in Migration: A global view. Edited by Maura I. Toro-Morn and Marixsa Alicea, Greenwood's World View of Social Issues Series. pp.35-52. 6

* Zhou, Yu 2002. New York: Caught under the fashion runway—Immigrant enterprises in the garment industry of New York Book chapter in Unravelling the Rag Trade- Immigrant entrepreneurship in seven world cities, edited Jan Roth. Oxford, UK: Berg Publishers. P113-134.

* Jici Wang and Yu Zhou, 2001. Analysis of Beijing Zhongguancun information technology firms regional cluster), Ch. 6-6 in Innovative spaces: enterprises clusters and regional development). Beijing: Peking University Press. P. 220-233.

* Tseng Yen-Fen and Yu Zhou. 2001. Immigrant Economy in a Pacific Rim Context: Chinese businesses in Los Angeles. Book chapter in The Chinese Triangle of Mainland-Taiwan-Hong Kong: Comparative Institutional Analyses. Edited by Alvion Y. So, Nan Lin, Dudley Poston, West port, CN: Greenwood.

* Zhou, Yu 2000 “Bridging the continents: the roles of Los Angeles Chinese producer services in the globalisation of Chinese business .” Book chapter in The Globalisation of Chinese Business Firms, edited by Henry Wai-Chung Yeung and Kris Olds, London: Macmillan Press Ltd. pp167-194.

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